From Holland to New York in 1873 and the Making of a Luxury Cruise

A classic and unique cruising experience should be one of a kind and Holland America Line (HAL) is a choice no one should miss. It is a cruise line still maintaining full traditions on board, such as a chair for comfortable reading, piano bars, pre-dinner cocktails, tennis courts, venues for classy dining, art collections and afternoon tea. To give it a classic cruising touch, the contemporary design is highlighted by a vintage decor style. It gives you thoughts of Five-Star Hotel sophistication.


Holland to New York 1873

The first sailing of the Holland America cruised from Holland to New York around 1873 carried Dutch immigrants to the new world; America. In 1973, the real ship for the line was built from whence the concentration of the company turned to cruise vacations. In 2016, Holland America will be launching a wholly new ship to bring up the fleet total to 15 ships. There is no doubt Holland America is arguably the cruise line with the most extensive choices of cruise itineraries and destinations among all the cruise lines out there, courtesy of its almost 500 cruises spread around 25 ports. Holland America gives you a chance to enjoy really spacious staterooms, a 24/7 complimentary room service and staff service for all guests unequalled anywhere.

Activities on board

While you should not expect to find wild nightlife within the Holland America cruises there are wide ranges of nightclubs offering live shows and bands, B.B. King Blues Club and ballroom dances within a number of ships. During the day, there are all sorts of activities such as arts events, wine tasting, fitness, movies and cooking classes. Holland America Line is also modernizing the fleet as we speak to boost all the different aspects that make its cruising experience. A great example of the new things the line is working on include Culinary Arts Center providing cooking demonstrations and custom/private shore excursions, internet center, fitness and cabin spa categories.

Holland America Line has also been providing a program dubbed Signature of Excellence enhanced with Pilate’s classes, yoga and guest lectures, including the Greenhouse Spa Salon to simply unwind within the hydrotherapy pool.

Dress code

During formal events and evenings, lots of men adorn tuxedos or suits. Women can get into pant suits, cocktail dresses and gowns. After six in the evening, shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, jeans and t-shirts are banned around public areas.

Passenger profile

HAL usually attracts traditional passengers and older cruisers with the pace of the events on the cruise, with entertainment and other activities reflecting this. The line also stressed on longer global cruises, a huge attraction among older passengers who have the money and time to enjoy such. Age does vary a lot as per cruise length, ship and even itinerary.

Essentially, Holland America is the cruise most affluent and older passengers are attracted to, with the average cruises in their mid-fifties. In most cases many join up with cruise after flying to the place the cruise is set to start, perhaps after searching for great air ticket deals in a site such as El Al. Shorter cruises in contrast attract younger passengers mostly towards the Caribbean. One trait of HAL is its wide passenger base loyal to the line meaning repeat passengers are quite many.

Holland America Line now has widened its program to kids with their Club Holland America Line for children catering for diverse family groups in a cruise. Within the line are immense activities ideal for kids’ entertainment, especially in high family travel season such as school holidays and summer season.

Single Travelers

HAL hardly provides special deals for singles but it is very famous for its service cut out for solo cruisers. While sharing cabins with strangers is not exactly a fancy of many, Holland America has always tried to match up solo cruisers through its matching service for roommates. This time also flight to Israel is very popular on that way, For instance, if you are looking for a same-sex individual as a roommate while booking, you can get your wish answered without any extra charge. On request, singles are usually invited to come and eat together while a cruise of over 40 days has dining and dancing courtesy of gentleman hosts. In case hosts are unavailable, officers sometimes love being asked for a dance.

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