How to get cheap US flights from the UK

Are you getting ready to travel to the U.S? We take a look at what you need to do to get cheap flights.

Check for flights to your destinations

Unless you are a regular traveller, you will not be sure of what airlines fly your route from the UK to the US. Therefore, researching flights will easily show you which airlines fly from your base in the UK to the city you are visiting in the US.

To find out which airlines fly where, you can use sites such as Which Budget and Fly Cheapo. These sites cover most of the major European airlines and their various destinations each week. After you have found airlines going your route, you can then visit their respective websites to confirm if they have any special offers on their flights. Just as low-cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet normally announce flight sales for selected dates so do Virgin, BA, Emirates and the rest. Keep an eye on their websites for deal dates. British Airways offers a low cost flight finder on their website as well.

Sign up for travel deals

You can get the latest travel deals by signing up to newsletters and low-fare alerts airlines, online travel agents and some travel websites. With this, cheap flight alerts will be sent directly to your email. If you would rather have a compiled list of these deals, you can subscribe to the Travelzoo newsletter. They compile the top 20 deals of the week and send it in a weekly email.

Compare prices

Even after you have found a supposed good deal, it may be possible to find better deals elsewhere. Therefore, you need to look through websites like Expedia, Ebookers, Low Cost Holidays etc. to compare the flight offer you have with other deals.

Alternatively, you can go on websites like Skyscanner and Travel Supermarket. They,however, do not sell flights directly so you will still have to visit the site of the airline operator. Cheap flights from low-cost airlines often go on sale first and then prices usually go up after being on sale for a while. However, you can find cheaper last minute deals on charter airlines and through holiday companies like Thomson and First Choice.

Watch out for hidden charges

Low-cost fares are very cheap at first glance as they are advertised at very low price. However, when taxes and additional charges are added, the fees may add up to a significantly higher amount. All airports and airlines have different charges so you need to consider the final price before you proceed to booking. While booking the flight, you need to confirm if the airline website has travel insurance included. Most airline websites do this as standard but if you already have insurance, you can uncheck this option to drive down the final price you are expected to pay.

72 hours before your travel date, you are expected to fill and print your ESTA document or you will be refused entry on the flight. This document is important for every citizen of Visa Waiver countries, such as the UK, and is valid for a period of two years.

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