Safety Tips before Moving Into an Apartment


Living in high traffic areas or close to other neighbors may not only limit privacy, but raise security concerns– one’s apartment may have an increased risk of burglary and intrusion. Choosing the right neighborhood and making the home safe is vital for quiet living. This article offers helpful tips for those who need to move into a new apartment.

First of all, whether you intend to buy an apartment or rent one, it’s very important to make sure that it’s located in a peaceful neighborhood, get the lock in the front door rekeyed by a qualified locksmith in St Louis (or any other city)and check out the following important details, to make sure that the property is safe enough to live in.

Before the Move

Security is a vital aspect when it comes to a new residence. Before signing an agreement, browse the following safety guidelines to know what to check for.

Research the Crime rate

As mentioned above, check with local authorities about the crime rate in the area. Be aware of any illegal or troubling activities in the community before signing the lease. Talk to neighbors, landlord, and the police to get an honest view of what life will be like at the location. Websites like, and can give good insights on illegal activities and crime history in the neighborhood.


New Locks

Replacement of old locks will reduce the risk of unwanted or unauthorized persons entering the apartment. Many landlords will say they’ve replaced the locks, but sometimes it’s not true, or it may be a case where they rotate the locks between apartments, and spare keys may still be owned by other people. Rekey the lock to make sure that nobody else can open it using the original key (or a duplicate).

Check out the Lighting

Thieves and robbers get around better in dark or poorly-lit areas.Therefore, when hunting for an apartment, check the hallways, entrances, elevators, walking areas, laundry rooms and mail areas, to ensurethere is enough light to make these places less attractive targets for criminals. The more light there is – the better.

Check out the Upkeep

For any renter, the first thing that normally prompts to action is the upkeep of the building. Check for cracked dry wall, broken windows or water damage.If there are any issues, decide on the next step to take.Additionally, check to see if the landscaping and lawn are properly kept. If these things are neglected, it shows a lack of concern from the landlord, which means that general security will be left on the back burners.

Check Apartment Entrances

Check the security features of the apartment. On many occasions, an apartment that is highly monitored will have an outside entry door that requires a pass code, a buzz-in, or a key to access the doors and hallway of the actual apartment.All these things make turn the apartment into a less appealing target in the eyes of burglars.

Check the Peephole

A peephole is a great way to keep everyone in the house. If there is no peephole installed in the door, it’s better to get it installed before moving into the apartment.

Check Window Locks                              

If there are windows on the ground level, it’s extremely important to make sure that they have secure locks. Just like doors, windows are potential entry points for burglars. Make sure that all window locks are working properly and cannot be opened from the outside.

In addition to the tips listed above, check for exterior fire escapes. These and other access areas are great entry points to attract burglars. If the apartment has a fire escape, make sure that it’s built off the ground and cannot be accessed easily by an intruder.

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