Set the Mood With the Right Lighting

No matter what type of theme you are trying to create in a living room, family room, or bedroom, the lighting will make a difference. Many people choose to decorate using lighting that not only adds a timeless elegance to the room, but it also helps pull all elements of the room together.

Types of Lighting

When used correctly lighting can enhance the colors of a particular room or it can be used to tone them down. If your room has dark colors on the wall, there are certain types of lighting that can help to make the room feel larger. Track lighting is one that will reflect off the walls, soften the dark colors, and help to create the illusion that the room is larger. Recessed lighting is also used to help softly illuminate walls and floors. Generally dark colors will make the room feel smaller than it actually is, so this lighting can help if you do not want to repaint. While light colors are used to make a room appear larger, they can also make it feel less inviting. Strategically placing lamps in a light-colored room can help to create a more inviting feel.

Using Lamp Shades to Your Advantage

It is not just the lamps that help to make a room project the ambiance that is desired. The lamp shades can make a huge difference. Rattan lamp shades such as the ones offered by Lamps and More are an example. This type is often used in rooms to create an exotic look. Fabric shades are used to blend with the d├ęcor of a room depending on the color of the shades. Silk shades are generally used in bedrooms and in rooms where a formal look is desired. If you are going for a rustic look, linen and textured materials can be used to produce a casual feel.


Using the right lighting does help with decorating a room, but functionality is another aspect that must be considered. Lighting is used to provide illumination when it is needed. Placing lamps in the right areas of a room offer a place for family games, looking at the newspaper, or relaxing and reading a book

Choosing the lighting type, lamps, and shades will depend on the look you want the room to project. Different types of lighting can also work with rooms that have a lot of natural lighting. Personal preference should be considered as well.

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