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New York Statistics

Location: New York State (NY).
Country dialling code: 1.
Population: 7.4 million (city); 18 million (metropolitan area).
Ethnic mix: 29% black, 27 % white, 25% Hispanic, 13% Native American and 6% Asian.
Religion: New York has one of the most religiously diverse populations in the world – figures are constantly changing as the city continues to spiritually evolve.
Time zone: GMT – 5 (GMT – 4 from first Sunday in April to Saturday before last Sunday in October).
Electricity: 110–120 volts, 60Hz; round two-pin plugs are standard.
Average January temp: 0°C (32°F).
Average July temp: 25°C (77°F).
Annual rainfall: 1200mm (47.3 inches).