What Should the Best Bimini Tops Feature?

Quality bimini tops can work wonders for your boating needs. Still, no two tops are ever alike. That’s why you should be certain that your bimini top has the right features that will satisfy the needs that you may have.

There are a few important things that you need to watch for when you’re going to get a top for your boat. They go well beyond just whether or not it will fit over your cabin.

Can the Fabric Stop UV Rays?

The fabric on your top should be thick and sturdy to provide more than just a nice shade. It should also block UV rays so they won’t get into your boat. UV rays can irritate your skin and make it easier for you to get burned. A top should have a UV protectant on its body or at least be thick enough to block out these rays. This will protect you from harm.

You should still wear sunscreen while you’re outside anyway. While the risk of getting a sunburn will decline dramatically with a bimini top over your boat, it will not go away altogether.

How Are the Poles?

Sturdy metallic poles are always welcome on any top. They will keep it intact and prevent it from buckling over time. However, you also need to see if the poles are positioned in the right spots.

Look for poles that can support the rear ends of the top. These poles will easily add a little more protection by keeping a sense of balance on the cover. This balance is needed so the top will not slip off.

Find a Speed-Rated Material

Many boats can travel at some rather fast speeds. You need to look for a top that is speed-rated though. A speed-rated top will stay on your boat even as you travel at a fast speed. That is, it will not be at risk of slipping off of your boat as you use it.

Be aware of the maximum speed that you can travel at when using such a top. You might be limited to a relatively slow speed if you use an inferior model. The drag from the wind could put the top at risk of slowing down your boat or even falling off in the worst cases.

How Can It Be Stored?

Some bimini tops can be retracted down as you position the unit. Like with the roof on a convertible vehicle, you might have the ability to adjust the top to retract to the rear of the boat. Check on how the top you use is built to see if you can do this with your model. If you can do it then you’ll have a unit that is very easy to use.

If you buy a good bimini top then you’ll have plenty of protection while also having a model that is easy to set up and use. Always take a look at the individual features of bimini tops when looking for choices. Feel free to compare as many options as you want so you’ll have a top that you can easily rely on.

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